4. The local adult sex shop emails you coupons on a weekly basis.

Who doesn’t love receiving killer deals in email format multiple times a day? Those Barnes & Noble-issued “30% off one hardcover,” or the Old Navy-bestowed “40% off of all long-sleeved shirts and men’s jeans”? The savviest of buyers will delay all mall visits until the cyber coupons arrive, and why shouldn’t they? It’s the least that big retail chains can do when you give them so much business, especially in these trying economic times.

“Buy one pair of edible panties and get the second half-off,” though? Sure, that’s one hell of a bargain, but it’s also quite weird, not to mention creepy. Because finding such coupons in your email might seem like Pleasure Plus Video is rewarding you for being so quick to spend, yet it’s more so an indicator that you’ve elevated 18-and-over purchases to the same level as grocery shopping.