8. You’re quick to yell at people for no reason.

After awhile, endless nights of emotionless sex can leave the coldest of men feeling empty, and even resentful toward one’s self. Hence the movie title Shame. Yet, sexual addiction isn’t easily dropped, and the decision to lock your joint up and take a few weeks off from intercourse can have some harsh consequences.

Mix self-hatred and deprivation together, and what do you get? One irritable son of a bitch. A friend’s mere utterance of “How’s it going, son?” begins to sound like “What’s your problem, you pathetic piece of shit?” And that could potentially cause you to bark at those around you without legitimate provocation.

Feeding the addiction behind closed doors feels damn good; trying to repress the issue out in public, however, can bring out the worst in a person. Take that, Dr. Drew!