A Denver woman by the name of Cyndy Snider is receiving a mass amount of death threats after she created a petition earlier this month to get rid of The Kardashians. After the dissolution of Kim Kardashian's wedding, we all learned a secret that the group tried to hide from us — the Kardashian's are kind of vapid. Finally, as she saw the truth, Snider made the petition on GoPetition.com, which asked plainly for humanity's release from the KKK's evil reality TV show. 

Within two weeks of its creation, it had 90,000 signatures. Unfortunately, some poor fools like their gelatinous cocoon existence, and are trying to derail Snider's good mission. She now has overnight security detailing her due to the numerous death threats from sad, sad, stupid, equally vapid, misguided souls. The above clip is from local news KCNC who report on Snider's plight. We ask that you all keep in mind that people are sending her death threats for a... reality TV show.

Sad state of affairs this world is in, don't you agree?

[via CBS4]

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