22-year-old Shanaya Edgell made the common 3 a.m. stop a Wisconsin McDonald's in search of a cheeseburger. When told she couldn't have one because the breakfast menu was still up, she went nuts. But rather than take her frustration out on employees, she spazzed on her boyfriend; ripping his shirt off and biting his lower lip.

Her boyfriend, 40-year-old Darrell Page, drove off but Edgell changed her mind and demanded that he go back to McDonald's so she could have breakfast. With Edgell still beating the shit out of him, Page pulled over. Police took notice of Edgell standing on the hood of the car, squawking about McDonald's, and arrested her for disorderly conduct with a domestic enhancer.

Edgell needs to grow up, stop eating at that hour and take some anger management classes. If she wants to get riled up about fast food, she should do it to get some of these back. Page just needs to date someone his own age.

[via The Smoking Gun]

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