Not too long ago, Republican candidate hopeful Rick Perry verbally stumbled while answering a question during a debate in what can only be referred to as a pretty hilarious trainwreck - and one that very well may have lost him the nomination.

Well, it seems like this bout of bona fide brain farts may be contagious, because Herman Cain just had one of his very own the other day in Wisconsin while answering questions about Libya.

The raw video's embedded above for your viewing pleasure, but here's a quick summary: The interviewer asks Cain a pretty simple question about his stance on Libya, something that any presidential candidate should really have a formed answer about instantly. Cain, instead, pauses for a good five seconds before replying to the interviewer's question with another question, saying, "Okay, Libya...President Obama supported the uprising, correct?"

What follows is about five minutes of stumbling over the question without ever giving an actual answer, basically. Watch above!

[Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]