Since its Cannes Film Festival debut, We Need To Talk About Kevin has had the Internet abuzz about about two things: Tilda Swinton's powerful performance and its Columbine-esque premise.

Director Lynne Ramsay second film We Need To Talk About Kevin is based on the novel of the same name by Lionel Shriver, paints a picture of a father (John C. Reilly) and mother (Swinton) struggling to raise a sociopath-in-the-making son, and the aftermath of the disturbing crime he commits.

Kevin (Ezra Miller) sets himself apart from your garden-variety evil child, present in movies like The Ring and the The Omen, because the particulars speak to a very feasible terror that haunts our nation's recent history— the notion of the armed and dangerous student. The inevitable question that follows—who is to blame?—is what this film explores.

Swinton's well-played apprehension makes the trailer, her anxiety becoming more and more palpable as we see Kevin growing older (and presumably more capable of evil) going from refusing to say her name or play ball, to firing darts at her visage through the window, to...? 

We Need To Talk About Kevin will be in theaters December 9, with limited release in New York and Los Angeles.

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