Some of you may have noticed that this year marks the 25th anniversary for Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series. Nintendo certainly knows it and in addition to acknowledging the occasion with special events throughout the year they are preparing to launch what could be one of the best titles in the series yet: Skyward Sword.

In addition to being stellar gameplay experiences, the Legend of Zelda series is also revered for having incredible soundtracks. In honor of this year’s anniversary, Nintendo put together the Zelda Orchestra which is traveling around the world and blessing fans with awesome concerts of the game’s most recognizable tunes. A video recently made its way online highlighting the groups rendition of the Legend of Zelda Theme as it was rehearsed for recording for a special edition soundtrack.

Even if you haven’t played or enjoyed a Zelda game since the days of the NES, we challenge you to watch the video above and not walk away excited for the new game.