4. Savvis

What it does: Corporate and government IT solutions
IPO Date: February 15, 2000
Money raised: $408 million

More money, more problems. A year after Savvis's parent company, Bridge Information Systems, decided to dump the IT company and bring it public, Bridge went bankrupted. Savvis, however, continued to grow and grow and grow to the point where it was snatching up complementary companies to strengthen its brand and services. Things hit a rough patch, though, in 2005 when CEO Robert McCormick was listed as a defendant in a claim brought on by American Express. AMEX claimed McCormick ran up a $241,000 bill at New York's Scores strip club. McCormick said the charges were fraudulent, while Scores said it was him and whipped out fingerprint evidence to prove it. McCormick later resigned after an official investigation.