10. 365 Everyday Value Organic Macaroni and Cheese

Type: Boxed with powdered cheese
Cost: $1.29
Cheesiness: 5/10
Ease of Preparation:
6/10 (boil water and add butter/milk)
Healthiness: 5/10 (310 calories/serving, durum wheat pasta)
Nostalgia Factor: Nonexistent 

The Whole Foods house brand was tasty, but it was far from the best we tried. Not only was the elbow pasta an unappetizing day-glo orange, the cheese lacked the smooth texture the others had. It also wasn't as cheesy as we like our mac n cheese to be, but its uniquely tart tasting cheddar (and super low cost) made it ideal for a quick cheese fix, earning it a spot on our list.