Canadian-based DJ tech purveyor Smithson Martin is getting in on the touchscreen craze in a way all its own. Applying touchscreen-ready MIDI controller software to multi-touch displays, SM has pioneered the advent of a new kind of device with both its Emulator DVS and KS-1974 models.

The Windows Surface-esque DVS comes bundled with “Emulator for Traktor,” stand-alone MIDI software with over 130 buttons and knobs that can function on any touchscreen. On the contrary, the KS-1974 sports a traditional form factor, with wood paneling supporting the touchscreen and comes equipped with “Emulator Modular” MIDI software, which allows for custom combined configurations of Traktor, Ableton, Torq, etc.

With 32”, 42”, and 46” versions, the DVS unit carries a price range of about $4,000 to $8,000 and is available now. The KS-1974 is set to drop in January, though no word yet on pricing. As for the software itself, it currently retails for $249, but only a Windows 7-comptaible version is offered. The Mac OSX version is still a work-in-progress.

[via Gizmag and Music Radar]