New Line Cinema's magician comedy starring Steve Carell will have a sexy new assistant, as Olivia Wilde is in negotiations to join the cast. The project, as we've reported before, is set in the world of rival Las Vegas magicians. Carell's character, Burt Wonderstone, is more your traditional magic man who is upstaged by a hipster illusionist doing dangerous tricks. Jim Carrey has been pitched to play the Criss Angel-esque rival.

If Wilde does sign up, she'll play Carell's love interest, who at first is his assistant, but later works for Carrey. Steve Buscemi and James Gandolfini are also looking to throw their hats into the ring. The Tron: Legacy ingenue is a woman in serious demand recently. Her name comes up on every wish list of actresses—even ours! She's got the upcoming Butter and Welcome To People waiting to be released and will play Suzy Miller in Ron Howard's James Hunt drama Rush.

Burt Wonderstone is set to begin production in January.

[via THR]

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