Crowded flights are part of the holiday season, and Arthur Berkowitz can relate. Back in July, a packed flight forced Berkowitz to stand for the better part of a seven hour flight from Alaska to Philadelphia. Well, that and obesity.

Berkowitz had the misfortune of sitting next to an obese man on a US Airways flight. The man was apologetic, even saying "I'm your worst nightmare," and it made it damn near impossible for Berkowitz to sit in his seat. Flight attendants were also sorry, but didn't do much-or anything-to help the situation.  There were no other seats available, he was denied access to their jump seats and the gate agent even admitted that the large man should've been required to purchase two seats.

Berkowitz couldn't use a seatbelt during takeoff or landing, and was forced to occupy the gallery area or aisle for most of the flight. As if US Airways hadn't put him through enough, they really pissed Berkowitz off when they tried to give a $200 voucher when he paid over $800 for his ticket. Customer service has failed you when you're basically paying for someone else's weight problem.

[via Gothamist]

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