Just a few days ago, we wondered if things could get any wilder at Occupy Oakland. This latest revelation is proof that we have yet to see the worst. Remember how we said some non-violent protesters were accosted by police during Wednesday night's insanity? Well one of them was an Iraq war veteran who suffered a lacerated spleen. Let's all give it up to the Oakland Police Department for managing to injure two veterans since last week. 

Kayvan Sabeghi, 32, was arrested and beaten by police Wednesday night for reasons he still doesn't quite understand. The former Ranger and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan told Guardian that he wasn't even walking near the carnage when police ran up on him and told him to "move." When Sabeghi didn't, they responded by beating him down. Police proceeded to handcuff him and toss him in a van, where he stayed for three hours before being taken to jail in excrutiating pain.

Sabeghi's friends say that he was denied medical attention for nearly 18 hours. At the moment, he's at the hospital receiving treatment for that lacerated spleen and internal bleeding. At the same hospital, Scott Olsen is still recovering from a fractured skull that he suffered when the cops popped him in the head with a gas canister. Now the police have another name to remember, and protesters have another reason to riot.

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