According to recent research by the mobile analytics firm Flurry, Nintendo and Sony aren’t dominating the world of mobile gaming like they once dead. According to their findings, the revenue collected on the iOS and Android platforms this year is more than the handheld revenues of Sony and Nintendo combined. iOS and Android revenues have been growing steadily the past 3 years and this year it is believed that they will take the lead in dramatic fashion.

Just a few years back, it seemed as though there was a debate as whether or not gaming on the mobile device platform could ever meet, let alone exceed, that standards set by Sony and Nintendo’s various handheld devices. Now days, games on the iPhone and other devices such as the Xperia Play are doing just that. Not only are they doing it, but people appear to be buying into these platforms from a gaming perspective as well according to these numbers.

With the industry posting numbers like these, and proving to be the driving force in the mobile gaming industry, can we really continue to consider gamers on these platforms anything but hardcore?

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