Michael Moore is making sure that his voice is one of the many counted for, as all this #Occupy talk looks to be heating up winter. Spreading from Wall Street to Rome to Hollywood, the latest stop found a reporter in Denver stoking the ire of the controversial director. As Evrod Cassimy talked with Michael at the #OccupyDenver protest, you can see the acrimonious filmmaker get brolic when the subject of his income comes up.

Guess the one thing they didn't teach Evrod in journalism school is to not ask the questions the people want to know about. It's not like we wanna know anyway, right? #iSarcasm. We're not really sure what Evrod was lying about because Moore didn't really want to admit or deny anything. Don't look to us for any conspiracy theories though, but we have to ask: Isn't it odd that a man for the people gets so upset when asked about his community efforts? What do we know? We're too busy getting our armchair revolutionary on by staying glued to Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street.

Is Michael Moore right in calling the mainstream media "punks"? Or has the Fahrenheit 9/11 helmer bit off more than he can chew? Speak your piece in the comments section below.

[via Mediabistro]