The Zeta Cartel, the most feared criminal organization in Mexico, has reportedly killed another blogger. This time the victim was the moderator of a Nuevo Laredo En Vivo, a website focused on exposing government corruption. The blogger was found beheaded by an intersection with a note reading: "This happened to me for not understanding that I shouldn't report on the social networks." 

He was just the latest in a long string of murders carried out by the Zeta Cartel again journalists and bloggers who plan on bringing the cartel's crimes to light. Earlier this month, the hacker group Anonymous created a plan called #OpCartel whose goal was to reveal 100 of the Zeta's government collaborators.

This was done in response to Zeta kidnapping an Anonymous member earlier in the year. Shortly after Stratfor, a global securities company, reported that Zeta had employed their own digital team to find out the identities of the members involved in #OpCartel. Anonymous called off the operation. 

We'll see how the fight between Zeta and the digital rebels pans out. 

[via Forbes