LOS ANGELES – THQ recently geared up for the November 22nd launch of its newest wrestling game, WWE 12. The game is packed with a full roster of talent, including seven of the hottest WWE Divas. Among those featured in the game is Kelly Kelly. And for those who were hoping for a little more girl power, a Diva DLC pack will add another six ladies to the mix in December. Kelly Kelly talks about the new game and reveals her own gaming background in this exclusive interview.

What video games did you play growing up?

I played a lot of Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Kart, Sonic the Hedge Hog; all those games. I played them all when I was younger, to the point where my mom literally had to take the plug out. She’d be like, “No, you can’t play.” I’d be like, “Yeah, mom, whatever,” totally ignoring her for hours. She would get so mad. I have to say those are my all time favorites.

Has that game playing helped you when it comes to picking up WWE 12?

You know, it has. I played myself, and I was, “Whoa!” I was just pressing buttons, and I was kicking some butt. I was excited.

What is it like to see yourself in these video games today in high definition?

I’ve been in it for five years now. This one has just blown every year out of the water. They just nailed everything. It’s so amazing how my character looks.

This game also has a lot of customization. You can create your own arena. What would your arena look like?


My ring would be pink, and it would have crystals, diamonds, ribbon...


My ring would be pink, and it would have crystals, diamonds, ribbon, and everything you could think of sparkly would be in my ring. Just do it up. Just like this. (Holds up Championship Belt)

That belt looks heavy.

It is. It’s literally 20 pounds on my shoulder. I’m like this [grunt].

What’s your favorite thing about what they are doing today with video games?

Just how much it looks like me. How they got everything down to my entrance. I raise my hands. The littlest things they got; the littlest detail…how I get in the ring, the moves that I do, my mannerisms. They just nailed it.

How popular are games amongst the guys in the WWE?

The guys are obsessed. They literally will play each other. We’re overseas, somebody will be on another bus, and they’ll be playing each other. I’m like, “What is going on?” And they’re having this big old war on the video game.” Me and the girls are like, “What is going on?” They’re really into it.

Do you the girls ever compete with video games?

[Whisper] We don’t. We just laugh. We’re like, “ We’re more mature than you guys, okay?”

The new WWE All Stars game is in 3D on Nintendo 3DS. What are your thoughts on 3D gaming?

That’s so awesome. I can’t even imagine. They’re just doing so much more with the video game stuff. I can only imagine how it’s going to be five more years down the road, but I love the 3D. I think it’s awesome.

What do you think that 3D would add to watching WWE programming?

It would add so much more definition. It would be so right-in-your-face. I can only imagine seeing faces right in everybody else’s face. They’re seeing what I’m doing right in their face.