Unlike the modern day Porsche and Nissan we check out before it, Mary Pozzi's bright orange 1971 Chevy Camaro is a blast from the past. But, in its pristine condition, it doesn't look it and with a 620hp engine, it certainly isn't slowing down at the ripe age of 39.

Mary, who by the way is just really fun to talk with, has altered the Camaro body from its original sheet metal to carbon fiber panels. And she is enthusiastic about her baby: "This is, honest to God, the best car in the entire world. It's a great car to drive, it's a great dance partner." 

Mary and her husband emphasized accessibility in parts and build process, aiming to create essentially an open source car that anyone can duplicate and build for themselves. And while it may be powerful, ease and predicability in the drive is of primary importance too, "The rear end comes around on Tuesday and tells you about it on Sunday."