Tea Lounge

Neighborhood: Park Slope, Brooklyn
Address: 837 Union St.
Website: tealoungeny.com
Perfect For: Lounging and sipping slow

This may be the biggest coffee shop in New York, and not just by New York standards either. Tea Lounge's oversized space is occupied with mismatched sofas and various types of seating that look like misfit garage sale purchases, but it works. 

Yes, there is coffee at the Tea Lounge, and quality coffee at that. Doubtful? Try their nutella brevered eye, a rich blend of chocolate, espresso and steamed milk and you'll be a believer. And yes, this is Park Slop so there will inevitably be a child lurking in the wings, but the on-stage rotation, from the bumpin' jazz music to boistrous comedians will be all the distraction you need from rowdy toddlers.