Meeting in a tavern is the start to many a role-playing game session. Every dungeon master that’s run a tabletop game of Dungeons & Dragons has used this one. It’s cliched, certainly, but comforting, and for the most part, both War in the North and Skyrim use it.

In WitN, the tavern everyone meets up in is the Prancing Pony. That’s the same tavern used in The Lord of the Rings movies where the nine dark riders sneak into the Fellowship’s room and start violently stabbing pillows. In WitN you meet Aragorn/Strider/Viggo Mortensen, put money on the line with a traveling Hobbit’s riddles, beef up the arms trade in the town of Bree, talk to a timid man in love with a comely lass down the road, and change your appearance at will by looking in the mirror. All’s fair in love and war at the Prancing Pony.

In Skyrim, the first tavern you run across is called the Sleeping Giant. Cute name, really, but due to recycled in-game assets, the Sleeping Giant is a carbon copy of every other small-town tavern you enter. You can pick up a random mission from the barkeep that will send you to a random location, and you can pay 10 gold pieces to stay the night; that’s about it for your introduction to the Sleeping Giant.