Motorola demoed its new fitness monitor/smart watch/mp3 player today, and we think it looks like the perfect stocking stuffer for the gym rat in your life.

The device is square-shaped with a 1.6 inch screen akin to that on an iPod Nano. Unlike the Nano, however, the MotoACTV comes with its own detachable wrist/armband, wirelessly syncs with your Android phone to let you answer calls and read text messages, and has a host of cool fitness features like an "audio coach" that talks to you and gives updates on your progress via the headset.

Motorola also says the ACTV will "learn what songs motivate you" for custom playlists, and has a gorilla glass touchscreen that adjusts to indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

The MotoACTV comes in two flavors, a $249 8 GB version and a 16 GB model for $299.


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