If you were going to gear up and make a film based on the ‘60s folk scene, or any music-based film for that matter, why not recruit one of the most popular musician-turned-actors in recent history? Justin Timberlake has been offered one of the lead roles in the Ethan Coen and Joel Coen's folk music film Inside Llewyn Davis.

The story focuses on the folk music scene in Greenwich Village, New York City in the 1960s and the title character is loosely based on Dave Van Ronk, a legendary singer who was friends with Bob Dylan, among other famous musicians. If the former Mouseketeer, who has turned a critic into a friend with starring roles in The Social Network and In Time, decides to sign on—he'll play the role of Jim, a folk musician married to Jean, played by Carey Mulligan.

Drive's Oscar Isaac stars in the title role, a struggling folk musician born and bred in Queens. Despite being a talented singer and guitarist, he just can't seem to make ends meet playing music. The Coen Brothers are looking to get the ball rolling on this project early next year in New York. Timberlake, meanwhile, will next be seen in Andrew Niccol's In Time, which is out here on Tuesday, November 1.

[via Empire]