19. The Smurfs Dance Party (2011)

Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Inspired By: The Smurfs [Movie] (2011)

On what smurfing planet did we need a smurfing dancing game for the smurf smurfing Wii? With players grabbing hold of their Wii remotes and striking a pose as Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Gargamel, the game is as basic as you can go while still being playable.

All of the tracks are Smurfs-oriented remakes like “Smurf This Way” or “We Like to Smurf It”, bastardizing both video games and music in one fell swoop. The game was such a disaster they didn't even bother bringing it to the rest of the consoles – apparently only Wii owners are willing to subject themselves to this sort of torture.