First Appeared: Silent Hill (1999)
Founding Father: Keiichiro Toyama
Notable Residents: Harry Mason, James Sunderland, Harry Townshend, Disturbing nurses, Soiled pants

Never go to Silent Hill, a town of cults, home to some of the scariest public buildings in existence. The main characters who explore this ever-expanding town of relentless evil and perversion are always regular anymen. They're never adept at combat, have very few weapons at their disposal, and have the distinct disadvantage of having to live through the psychological delusions of the city's inhabitants and sometimes their own, too. These delusions change the run-down town into a blood-and-rust-covered sacrifical alter, or some sort of hidden level of Hell, that serves to deeply affect players of the game in a way that is essentially unparalleled. Though we hear it's a nice vacation town.