Earlier this year, we told you about Ubisoft wanting to get into the movie-making business. They were so interested, in fact, that they flew out to Hollywod, and started seeking out development partners. Now it would seem it's locked in a studio partner for their first project, Assassin's Creed, with Sony pressing start to bring Desmond and co. to the big screen.

For those cinephiles who aren't checking for the upcoming Assassin's Creed: Revelations game, Creed's narrative follows bartender Desmond Miles (voiced by Nolan North), an ordinary man kidnapped by a secret organization called Abstergo. Using the Animus, they force him to experience the memories of his assassin ancestors, through completing missions to locate artifacts that can control mankind.

Giving the failed relationship Hollywood has with video games, Ubisoft is fighting to make sure it maintains a little more creative control this time. We're hoping that it's less Doom and more Mortal Kombat in terms of its cinematic awesomeness. There's no word on a writer or director being attached yet, and it's far too early for any casting to be consider. But Sony, who are already is working on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and inFamous, shouldn't have any problems getting this into the hands of interested parties.

[via InGame MSNBC]