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Just a couple of months ago most people were pretty impressed with Barnes & Noble's Nook Color eReader, which, thanks to a software upgrade, was pretty much a cheap, user-friendly Android tablet that was exceptionally good with eBooks. But then the Kindle Fire happened, and it was an even cheaper, better Android tablet that streamed movies and was exceptionally good with eBooks. Now the pressure is on for B&N to up the ante, and according to reports, we'll get a peek at what the company has planned for Nook Color 2.0 in just over a week. 

The Digital Reader cites three sources who say the new Nook will be announced on November 7, which is about a week before the Kindle Fire hits stores just in time for the holiday season on November 15.

Matching Amazon's appealing features, and even more appealing $199 price tag, is a tall order. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about what B&N have planned.

[via Gizmodo]