It was a good day at New York Comic-Con if you’re looking forward to Street Fighter X Tekken (and seriously, who isn’t?). Producer, Yoshinori Ono, revealed quite a bit about the game, most importantly, a release date, which is March 6, 2012.

He also revealed more info on the gem system in the game, which should hopefully make the experts even MORE hard core while also, surprisingly, making it easier for newbies to jump right in.

You see, it all depends on what gems you pick, as the gem system can either be used offensively (Knocking off 40% damage per combo once initiated in its final form) or defensively. This is where it gets easier for the n00bs.

If you have the right gems, people unfamiliar with the game can use auto block and auto throw escape, making it easier to not get thrown around by the experts all day long. But using auto block also uses a chunk of the super bar, so those thinking the newcomers get off easy can rest assured. They don’t get off THAT easy. Ono-san said it’s in the game to reach a broader audience and to get loved ones who are unskilled at fighting games to not feel so daunted or challenged. It looked pretty good to us. The fans were definitely appeased.

Rufus from Street Fighter IV was confirmed as a new character to the roster, and it was announced that the game will also be released for the PC.

One final big announcement concerned a release of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. And before you cry foul at having to buy yet ANOTHER edition of the game, calm down.

Ono-San called it a Christmas present for two reasons: One, because it comes out on December 13, and two, because it’s free. Don’t say Capcom doesn’t love you. It’s being done to balance out some of the cheaper characters in the game (*Cough* Yun! *Cough*). So expect that soon. Interview with Ono-Son coming up. Look out for that. Blam!