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During the Nokia World conference in London earlier today, Nokia unveiled its new flagship Lumia 800 smartphone, the company’s first device to run on Windows.

Sporting a blue, scratchproof polycarbonate shell, the Lumia is definitely sleek—measuring 3.7 inches—and easy on the eyes. Under its AMOLED Gorilla Glass touchscreen display, it packs a 16GB hard drive, 8-megapixel camera, and 720p video recording capabilities. Hailed as the “first real Windows phone” by its manufacturers, it also takes full advantage of Mango, Microsoft’s new OS.

Other devices that made their debut today include the Lumia 710, another touchscreen, Mango-based option, albeit on the budget side of things compared to the 800, with its slightly bigger measurements and compromised specs. For those unwilling to fully abandon a keyboard, the new Asha 303 packs both a touchscreen and QWERTY set, while the cheaper Asha 300 and 200 models only come equipped with the latter.

The new range should hit the States at the top of next year. 

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