During a joint press conference last night with Samsung for the manufacturer’s new Galaxy Nexus phone, Google unveiled “Ice Cream Sandwich,” the newest version of Android, set to debut on the Samsung device.

One particularly awesome, Mission Impossible-ready feature  of the new OS is “Face Unlock,” a facial recognition app, which controls access to equipped handsets.  “Android Beam” is another new feature, allowing users to share contacts and media—YouTube videos included—by tapping devices together via NFC (near-field communications). 

In all, the Android user interface has been completely overhauled, a transition emphasized by Google’s decision to also introduce an entirely new, sans-serif font for the device, dubbed “Roboto.” Described by Google as “modern, yet approachable,” the font reportedly guided Ice Cream’s design philosophy.

All of these bells and whistles are great, but really, the winner here is that Ice Cream Sandwich logo. I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to say that if that isn’t re-appropriated onto a rapper’s chain within the next two years, we’ve failed as a civilization.

[via Engadget]