In an exclusive sit-down chat with Dateline NBC, James Cameron revealed some interesting tidbits about Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. His first film dominated at the box office making over $2.7 billion worldwide on an estimated $237 million budget, and as a result a lot of films have taken up the 3D banner. While the results have varied (we're looking at you Dragon Wars), King Cameron explains that he's writing both films together, so that all three Avatar movies will follow one long story arc.

But we already knew that, so when Dateline pressed him for details, he didn't hesitate to drop some more jewels.

On Avatar 2 Being On Pandora:

"It's on Pandora. And we will see the oceans of Pandora, which we haven't seen at all. That's an ecosystem that I'm dying to start designing, because it's going to look spectacular."

On the series leaving Pandora, Cameron said:

"There will be other planets as well besides Pandora. It'll be a cornucopia, a treat for the eyes. I get to imagine things at a kind of fuzzy level, and then I bring in a lot of great artists, and then they come up with all of the amazing creatures and plants and all that sort of things."

While it's far too early to cast those Oscar votes yet, as Avatar 2 is not planned to hit theaters until December 2014 and Avatar 3 in December 2015.

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[via MovieWeb]