Horror junkies, rejoice: FX has picked up the Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story for a second season! 

Before American Horror Story debuted earlier this month, the idea of successful series based on a horror premise was implausible, but AHS silenced all doubts, debuting to an audience of 1.6 million and almost doubling viewership to 2.96 million by its fourth episode. Not too shabby for a show you didn't think could exist, let alone survive, is it?

Naysayers may call AHS overwrought, pointing out its needlessly dramatic musical cues and hodgepodge-style horror, but it was love at first fright for many viewers, who were taken in by everyday terrors like infidelity crossing paths with more atypical fears, like being raped by a man in a rubber suit. 

But the most intriguing aspect of AHS's renewal is that it means that the Harmon family will actually have to survive this season. Or will they just join the every-growing company of ghosts in the house for next season? Honestly, these are just wild stabs in the dark, for all we know they might disappear from the show all together. But if Jessica Lange (who single-handedly makes a southern accent the new sound of horror) keeps cranking out her creepy charms, we'll keep coming back, hungry for more wildly inconceivable bumps in the night.

[via Vulture]