343 Industries is being smart with its approach to integrate the Kinect with their upcoming remastered classic, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.  Rest assured you won't be flapping your arms like a headless chicken while you navigate Master Chief through the game.  Instead, you will use your voice to issue commands to reload your weapon, throw grenades and toggle the graphics setting between classic and remastered versions.  Shouting the word "RELOAD" or "GRENADE" at your TV may earn you dubious stares, but the potential is there to grant gamers precise control of the game as a result.  In addition, there's an Analyze Mode—activated by saying "scan"—that allows you to add codex-type entries for vehicles, characters, weapons, etc. into a library.  The library can later be accessed and controlled with gestures, so curious gamers can read up on all the juicy nuggets of information.  It sounds like this is Kinect done right and we'll all get to try it out when Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary hits stores on November 15. 

[via IGN]