Electronic Arts is truly compiling an all-star cast for the next installment in the Need for Speed series. When Need for Speed: The Run hits stores next month it will have more than just Irina Shayk and Christine Teigen starring in the story. This morning it was announced that the lovely Christina Hendricks would be joing in the case as well. Oh, and Sean Faris of the Vampire Diaries, but who wants to see him?

Sean will star as Jack Rourke, a fellow contestant in the cross-country race not only for the prize money, but to take care of a hefty price that the mob has placed on his head. Ms. Hendricks on the other hand will star as Sam Harper. She has spent her life loving the art of the race and has turned it into a lucrative career by managing the best racers she could find. Sam fronts Jack’s entrant fee and is counting on him to win the race and bring home the cash to her.

The stars sure seem to be lining up for this game now we will just have to see how it plays out.