Where: 159 Lexington Ave.
Website: penelopenyc.com

Never overloaded! When you think of Penelope, you think countryside. The décor has that cozy, home-y feel. Don't be fooled by the soft blue environment, Penelope delivers great food with a mean punch.

I ordered the pumpkin waffles with apple butter, dried cranberries, toasted cinnamon-cardamom pecans, and warm baked apples. The pumpkin aroma swells inside your nose the second the plate hits the table. With the first bite, the sweet waffle, crunchy pecans, and tangy cranberries set the party in your mouth to rocking. The apple butter with the warm baked apples creates a layered sweetness. Though there are many succulent ingredients, when all flavors converge like Voltron, it produces a stronger flavor together than when experienced individually.

For a warm and cozy meal, look no further—this must be the place.