Where: 325 Bowery
Website: peelsnyc.com

Biscuit-pa-loo-za; Peels offers one of the best in New York. This East Village spot's brunch menu prides itself on its famous build-a-biscuit.

Sandwiched between their classic buttermilk biscuit you have a choice of meat, including sausage, ham, fried chicken, or bacon. The organic scrambled egg is infused with cheddar, muenster, or pepper jack. If you're feeling bold, you can also add avocado or gravy.

I opted for the sausage biscuit with organic scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese. You can't go wrong if you order this combination exactly. The biscuit is crunchy but not hard, the sausage is cooked thoroughly, and the egg and cheese combination is like no other, exploding with flavor in each bite.

Also available is the standard biscuit and gravy dish, which consists of a toasted buttermilk biscuit, poached eggs, and sausage gravy. The biscuit is sliced in half with one egg on each biscuit, then covered with chunks of sausage and warm creamy gravy stock. Pairing it with some hash potatoes and orange juice makes the meal complete.

If you're in search of great fresh homemade biscuits in New York City, this is the spot. You will not be disappointed.