Where: 119 West 56th St.
Website: parkermeridien.com

Baller status! Norma's is tucked away inside the Le Parker Meridien hotel. Open till 3 p.m. daily, this establishment is swanky and posh but filling. It is not only known for gratifying food but for the heaping portions.

I ordered the Norma's Egg Benedict from the "Benny Sent Me" section of the menu. If you're a fan of eggs benedict, this is sure to blow your mind. Norma's serves up buttermilk pancakes topped with Canadian bacon and grilled asparagus, along with the necessary poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. They garnish with some baby potatoes for extra satisfaction. As ever, this dish is proof that sweet and salty works.

From the "Mom Can't Make This" section of the menu, the Banana Macadamia Nut Flap Jacks will satisfy any banana connoisseur. The roasted sugar coating of the macadamia nuts reminds me of the peanuts you get on the street corners near Broadway and Spring Streets. The brown sugar sauce and maple syrup coating the top of the flapjacks electrifies your taste buds, leaving you no choice to eat until you're fully stuffed.

Norma's will make you unbutton your pants after eating, but will also provide you with a day's worth of energy to tackle NYC.