Where: 4 Clinton St.
Website: clintonstreetbaking.com

Pancakes on crack! Clinton Street Baking Co. is the one place in New York I insist all visitors try before leaving. Though the wait might be over 45 minutes at times, the payoff is spectacular; your taste buds will thank you for it.

For all the CSBC virgins out there, the blueberry pancakes are a must. Thick, fluffy, and bountiful, the tripe-tiered stack comes with fresh wild Maine blueberries. They dust the top with powdered sugar for good measure. The "crack" is the warm maple butter syrup— sweet, rich, and mouthwatering.

Another great dish CSBC offers is the buttermilk biscuit sandwich. They slice a semi-crisp buttermilk biscuit in half and stuff the morsel with scrambled eggs, melted cheddar, two strips of bacon, and homemade tomato jam. To the side lay hash browns (I would suggest ordering them well-done if you like them with a burnt crunch, like I do). The fresh-squeezed OJ is also a must. Don't sleep.

Brave the wait, because this place will be the highlight of your day.