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Stay-at-home Long Island dad, Robert Maresca, like so many, has made memorabilia to support Occupy Wall Street. Unlike so many, however, he's just put in an application to trademark it. As in, to trademark the phrase, "Occupy Wall Street"...a movement that is completely about opposing corporate greed and all the things that go with it. He's attempting to trademark that.

44-year-old Maresca claims that he's been down to Zuccotti Park seven times and even addressed the crowd there once. "People are calling this a crass attempt to profiteer off a social movement, but that's not it," he told the NY Daily News. Well, at least he's aware of what it looks like he's doing. "I do believe there's a possibility it could become a global brand. I could maintain control to keep it from someone trying to undercut the 99%."

We can't hate on Maresca too much, though - according to the NY Daily News, he's not the first to attempt to trademark something related to the movement. Brooklynite Ian McLaughlin filed a trademark application for the phrase, "We Are The 99%" on October 7th.

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