There isn’t a personal demon that Charlie Sheen hasn’t had. Addictions to drugs, drinking, women, and a bevy of apparent psychological issues have plagued him throughout the years. According to the National Enquirer, his substance abuse problems have led to the disintegration of his marriages, but have yet to slow down his career.

Ashton Kutcher, however, has kept any problem he has had, if any, hidden from the public. In fact, his closest known brush with narcotics was the fact that ex-girlfriend Brittany Murphy died of an overdose in 2009.

But like any good Hollywood story, an douchey actor without a drug addiction is like watching a Steven Seagal movie that doesn’t include shootouts or neck snapping; it just feels like something is missing. We may applaud Mr. Kutcher for leading such a relatively clean lifestyle, but Sheen's repeat offenses with either hookers or coke-filled duffle bags are another level.

The edge goes to: Charlie Sheen

[Via The National Enquirer]