Of all the tributes to Steve Jobs that have been posted since he announced his retirement two weeks ago, this one has to be our favorite.The guys from Pantless Knights teamed up with Seedwell to create this song and music video that reinterprets Jay-Z's Black Album-era classic "What More Can I Say?" as if it were sung by the world's most stuntastic (ex-)CEO.

In the video, a rotating cast of performers donning Jobsian black turtlenecks and glasses lip synch to impressively astute and well-delivered lines that turn even accomplishments as geeky as inventing OSX into withering boasts.

"These hacks too lazy to innovate / They crazy / They don't try to create, they just trace me."

Jay, of course, recorded the original song as a sort of final statement before embarking on his own (short-lived) retirement. The two outsized figures have reached a similar "untouchable" status that makes the clip seem oddly appropriate.

Check out the awesome video in full above.