43. Clem's

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Address: 264 Grand St.
Website: n/a

The corner of Grand and Havermeyer in Williamsburg is one of those junctions where long-legged chicks of the brunching class intersect with the neighborhood's old, pre-gentrification guard, so if you sit outside at one of the sidewalk tables in front of Clem's there is no shortage of entertainment. Have a Tecate and a shot for $5 during happy hour, and enjoy the scenery—you'll find local Puerto Rican youngsters playing home run derby (with actual hardballs) in the middle of the street, a steady procession of white people with stupid looking dogs, and braless, tattooed girls walking around like they might be needed for an impromptu Richard Kern photo shoot. What's that? Still happy hour? Awesome. Another beer! Another shot!