This Sunday night, HBO's Entourage, one of the best bro shows of all time, will air its series finale. With the exception of a hopeful feature film (fingers crossed), it's all over for the boys from Queens. Movie or not, it's not like we're being left empty-handed. Entourage has given us eight years' worth of entertainment, some of them great, others not so great, yet all watchable and suitable for kicking back and living the fast life vicariously through movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his hometown homies.

When it comes to the best season, there's really no question: Season Two was an instant classic. The series may have never topped year two, but each season has not been without at least one episode that will live on in HBO re-runs for years to come. Unbelievably hot women, cameos from just about all of the industry and then some, enviable toys and riches, and of course, bromance; we're going to miss it all. Reflecting upon all eight seasons, here are our choices for the 25 Best Entourage Episodes.