Freaky Eaters is a show dedicated to food addicts. But we're not talking your average food fixation: The show only documents the most bizarre addictions imaginable. Some of the show's stranger subjects have included a man who only eats cheeseburgers, a woman who needs to drink 30 cans of Coke each day, and a high-schooler who has eaten nothing but pizza since the 5th grade.

The unexpected danger in Freaky Eaters? When we watch this kind of stuff, we're half disgusted, but equally tempted to try a super-size me-esque stunt of our own. It's kind of like the effect the D.A.R.E. program has on future drug users. You learn about things you never knew existed, become intrigued, and the next thing you know, you're smoking a joint just to see if they got the information right.

TLC may have meant to scare us off with these crazy habits, but somehow along the way, we interpreted it as a challenge. Nothing but donuts for a year? You're on!