Epic Meal Time is a YouTube-launched cooking show infamous for whipping up what may be the most creatively debaucherous dishes of all time. Rather than being squeamish about revealing their astronomical calorie counts, they proudly tout the numbers right on the screen, tallying up each gram of fat as they add each far-too-savory ingredient.

The show is the evil creation of Harley Morenstein, whose frequent references to healthy "haters" has received just as much attention as his now famous "Chili Four Loko", which he describes as a "crazy alcohol rainbow pig." After filling a trough with a half-dozen types of bacon, potato chips, and french fries, he goes where no cooking show has gone before and tops his creation with two cans of the now-extinct Four Loko (R.I.P.) and even pairs the concoction with a bacon chalice of the deadly beverage. 

Morenstein's magical recipes clearly fall into the don't-try-this-at-home category, but just like Jackass inspired many copycat incidents, we're pretty sure Morenstein's million-view videos have encouraged endless Epic Meal Time imitators across the country, and maybe even landed a few unsuspecting Americans in the hospital via bacon overdose.