Don't be fooled by Pat and Gina Neely's welcoming smiles. This cooking couple is out to get you, America. The Neelys try to tote their fare on Down Home With the Neelys as "family friendly," but in reality this dangerous duo is churning out some of the most calorie-laden cuisine on TV. 

Don't get us wrong: We love BBQ just as much as they do. But we're not trying to front and call soul food healthy. Fried pork chops and chocolate-covered bacon may be good for The Neelys' soul, but just looking at it is doing a number on our arteries. Take the oversized hunk of starch that the Neely's call their Barbecue Baked Potato, one of the Neely's classic recipes which includes a half pound of generously BBQ-ed ribs, a cascade of cheddar cheese, and what appears to be an entire container of sour cream. Thanks to the Neelys, we now believe in death at first sight.