It isn’t often that we find games that grab us and stand out as something different. Other games may use liquid physics, but Vessel uses it in a way that is uniquely intriguing. 

As the story goes, the main character is the inventor of creatures that are mass-produced out of liquid and are eventually abused as cheap labor. These creatures start to malfunction, requiring him to investigate.

The puzzle mechanics in the game come in the form of using seeds, the core of the creatures, to attract and manipulate liquid. Whether this means placing a seed in water to create a creature that opens the door for the player, or using the seed to attract water to cool the lava enough to walk on it, Vessel finds many ways of exploring the liquid theme. 

The idea that a creator must use his greatest creation while trying to figure out what went wrong with it was an idea that really stuck with us. While the creatures look like something out of the film Flubber with Robin Williams, they have a certain personality to them that almost makes you feel bad when you have to burst one in order to solve a problem.

The puzzles can get a bit complicated if you don’t stop to think about them and how they fit into the environment, but we were assured that most would be skippable in order to let the player progress through the story for those of you that are less inclined towards a challenge.

Vessel is surprisingly interesting and deep. It will be released on Xbox Live Arcade this winter, so there will be a demo for players curious about getting wet.