ComplexCon returns to Long Beach Nov. 6 - 7 with hosts J. Balvin and Kristen Noel Crawley, performances by A$AP Rocky and Turnstile, and more shopping and drops.

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Before you even have a chance to recover from all of the various releases that hit the market last week, another week is upon us. Even more titles will flood the stores this week, including:

  • Bit.Trip Saga for Nintendo 3DS: ALthough the Bit.Trip saga has come to an end, the games still remain and will now be available all together in a single package for play on the go on Nintendo’s 3DS.
  • Bit.Trip Complete for Nintendo Wii: Instead of buying all three games separately, players will now be able to purchase the entire Bit.Trip saga together in a single package at retailers.
  • Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures for Nintendo DS: It seems as if gamers of all ages just cannot get enough of the “Mama” series on Nintendo’s various consoles as the series is back with a new outing focusing on surviving out in the wild.
  • God of War: Origins Collection for PlayStation 3: The entire God of War saga is now available on the PlayStation 3 thanks to the release of both original PSP titles on the same disc. Both games have been completely remastered and updated to suit their new HD platform.
  • The Gunstringer for Xbox 360: Twisted Pixel’s wild west shooter is finally here. What was once intended to be a simple, XBLA title is now being released as a full retail game. Players will make use of the Kinect peripheral to control an undead marionette.
  • NHL 12 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: The football season isn’t the only thing kicking off soon as the NHL is back to hit the ice for another season. This year’s edition of the game features a huge list of improvements and changes to the game’s various gameplay systems.
  • Nicktoons MLB for Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii: Major League Baseball and Nickelodeon... a match made in heaven? We will see as stars from all of Nickelodeon’s various shows hit the field with stars from the MLB.
  • Radiant Silvergun for Xbox Live Arcade: Treasure’s classic shmup is back and has been updated for a new generation. Many consider this to be the greatest shooter ever made, and rightfully so.
  • White Knight Chronicles 2 for PlayStation 3: Although the sequel to the hit PS3 game has been available in Japan since the Summer of 2010, it is just now arriving here in the states. The new game allows players to import their saved character(s) from the original PS3 exclusive and continue on the adventure.

What are you picking up this week?