On August 17, 43 year-old Christopher Adiegwu attempted to jump on a plane to London from McCarran Airport in Vegas. It all started to go bad for the Nigeria-born German citizen when U.S. Customs Agents took notice of his suspicious behavior and thought he might be smuggling drugs.

When they didn’t find any drugs on Adiegwu, they took him to a hospital for X-rays, which revealed strange objects in his upper digestive system. After being given laxatives, Adiegwu liberated 81 plastic pellets containing roughly 1.2 kilos of cocaine. Imagine the thoughts running through Adiegwu’s mind during the ride to that hospital, knowing it’s all about to come crashing down. Worse, imagine the thoughts of whoever had to wait for all 81 of those pellets.

On Tuesday, Adiegwu was charged in a criminal indictment and faces 5 to 40 years in jail and $5 million fine. Some things that happen in Vegas, don’t stay in Vegas. They can still, however, lead to jail time.

[via KTNV]