After week 2 of the NFL season is over, owners of Madden NFL 12 can expect to see the Dynamic Player Performance feature utilized for the first time.  In the past, player ratings could fluctuate dramatically from week to week based on their performance.  But just because a player has a bad week, doesn't mean that they are any less talented, so core elements of confidence and consistency will become a factor when determining if a player is on a hot or cold streak.  EA's Mike Young describes the feature very eloquently:

"Week to week, when we release the player rosters, this year we're also going to put players on hot and cold streaks depending on how they play in real life. So if Big Ben throws four interceptions one week, when we update the ratings, we're not going to drop his overall and suddenly make him a 75 overall. That's not realistic. Instead, we'll put him on a cold streak for the week and he'll trend downwards. Just because he throws four picks doesn't mean he's suddenly bad." 

Look for the streaking to begin sometime next week.  Who are you hoping get hots this weekend?

[via Pastapadre]