What's hot in the streets of Portland, Oregon? For one mystery van, there's nothing hotter than tossing live kittens out the driver's side window as you creep down the block. This is preciesly what Pyper McFarland witnessed as she drove behind a gold van, apparently piloted by a kitten-hater.

McFarland watched three kittens come flying from the window. She collected each one; two are in fine condition, but the third was euthanized after suffering a broken back in the fall.

Portland's CrimeStoppers is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can find the driver of the gold van.

Get to sleuthing, Portland.

Also, we're setting the odds at 3-1 that Portlandia uses this as the inspiration for a future episode. We imagine they'll focus mainly on the CrimeStoppers part. We're picturing a Portland resident who wants to get on the case but must wait till he's grown the right detective mustache. In the meantime, cats continue to die out there on the cold streets.

[via Seattle Weekly]

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